Hi, I’m Libby, welcome to my blog!

I’m a 24 year old from the UK with the aim to visit as many countries as possible. My obsession with seeing the world began in January 2015 when I spent a long weekend in Rome, and since then I’ve visited 25 countries. In the summer of 2016, I graduated university and spent three months backpacking through Europe and Asia. Since then I’ve started a full-time career (which I love!) and have found a happy balance between life, work and travelling.

I want to prove that you don’t have to quit your job to travel the world. On this blog I want to share my travel photos and stories – from short trips in the UK and Europe, to more further afield destinations.

If you’d like to see more of my adventures you can find me on Instagram and Twitter, or feel free to drop me an email at lifeoflibby@hotmail.co.uk.