DIY: Travel Scrapbook


For years I'd kept a box under my bed full of memories from my travels. Plane tickets, leftover foreign currency, entrance tickets, metro passes, even restaurant business cards - it was all stashed away in a box. However, they were all jumbled up and I barely ever looked at them. 

The solution - a travel scrapbook!

I went all the way back to my first ever trip to Rome in January 2015 and started to document my travels and find a proper home for my photos and travel keepsakes. Granted it's taking me a while (at time of writing I've just finished the pages for the end of 2016), but it's so worth it. 

I love being able to flick through the pages and remind myself how lucky I am to be able to travel, and it's so lovely to look through it with family and friends. In some ways a scrapbook is even better than a traditional photo album as the tickets and keepsakes help to give context and tell a story. Plus, the pages just look pretty!

To create a scrapbook, you will need:

  • A scrapbook! (I use these ones from Hobbycraft)
  • Scissors, a ruler, a pencil, doubled sided tape (I found glue didn't work very well)
  • Lots of photos
  • Your travel keepsakes (Tickets, money, business cards - anything you want!)
  • Patterned paper (optional)
  • Stickers (optional)
  • Plenty of desk or table space

Creating your pages:

I like to have one page per destination I visit, unless I was there for 10+ days and then I'd typically do a double page spread. 

  • When starting a page, pick out which keepsakes you want to include.
  • Look through your photographs and select the best ones to print out.
  • Mock up what you want each page to look like, and where you want each photograph or keepsake to go on the page. (For this step I like to use blank pieces of paper of different sizes and play around with them on the page)
  • Get your photos printed out. I like to have a mixture of portrait, square, and landscape in different sizes.
  • Get creative! Use stickers, and patterned paper to make each page unique. You'll want to love looking at each page in years to come.

How do you store your travel keepsakes?

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