DIY: Creating a Travel First Aid Kit


Whenever you're travelling further afield and beyond large towns and cities, it's probably a wise idea to carry some kind of first aid kit with you. You never know when you might get a cut or a graze, or even an upset stomach or a headache. You'll probably be eating different foods, doing new activities for the first time, and you can be almost guaranteed that a pesky blister will appear if you're doing lots of walking. 

You can buy pre-made travel first aid kits in most pharmacies. However, I've found that they usually only contain a bandage, some dressings and plasters for smaller cuts. This wouldn't help for most situations that occur whilst travelling - such as a bite or some food not quite agreeing with you. 

Below is a list of what I put together in my travel first aid kit. Please note: I'm no medical expert in any way, shape or form. These are just the items that I've found useful throughout my past trips!

1. Plasters (different sizes + blister plasters): The amount of plasters I go through, even on just a weekend trip, is ridiculous. They are always so useful, and even if you don't need one, you can be guaranteed a fellow traveller will be very appreciate. 

2. Wound dressing pads - For grazes that require something a little bigger than your regular plasters, some wound dressings will come in handy. Pack ones that are individually wrapped, and some slightly larger ones that you can cut down to size if necessary.

3. A bandage - This could help to keep dressings in place and protected. 

4. Surgical tape - To help secure a wound dressing in place.

5. Small scissors - Used to trim any bandages or dressing pads to size. Just make sure you don't pack these in your carry on luggage!

6. Plastic gloves - Probably not an essential if you make sure your hands are completely clean before tending to an injury.

7. Tweezers - Useful for pulling out splinters. 

8. Ibuprofen - Medicine that is useful in so many scenarios - headaches, stomach aches, even sun burn!

9. Senna Natural Laxative Tablets - There's no easy way to say it - sometimes you eat different foods during your travels, and your body might need a little help going to the bathroom.

10. Diarrhoea Relief Tablets - And sometimes the complete opposite occurs! Usually the best thing to do is to let everything pass through your system normally. However, sometimes it just isn't possible if you're in transit between places.

11. Travel Sickness (Motion Sickness) Tablets - Especially useful if you know you get motion sick and you'll be travelling on long bus journeys.

12. Allergy / Hay-fever Relief Medicine - If you're someone who typically gets hay-fever or has a few allergies, taking a one-a-day allergy tablet each day throughout your trip might be something to consider.

13. Re-hydration salts -  If you experience diarrhoea or vomiting your body will lose water and electrolytes. Re-hydration powder sachets can help you feel a bit better, and will help replace the minerals that you lost. You just add the powder to some water and drink it.

14. Anti-Septic Cream - Add to a wound dressing for extra precaution against infection.

15. Bite & Sting Relief Cream - Whilst travelling it's likely you might encounter things that will make your skin itch, such as a bug bite. Putting a little bit of bite and sting relief cream will help soothe and ease any itching.

16. Wound cleansing wipes - Getting individually wrapped wipes so that they stay sterile is important.

What do you take with you on your trips? Please let me know if there's anything I've missed!

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