How Much Does It Cost To Visit Norway?


Like most other countries in Scandinavia, Norway isn't a cheap country to visit. But how expensive is it really? It can sometimes be useful to see budgets that people have stuck to, or even a cost breakdown of a trip. That way you can get a more informed idea of what you could end up spending in a country!

Whilst planning our trip to Norway, we quickly discovered that going for a week wasn't in our budget, so we planned a trip for 4 nights / 5 days instead. We also learnt that hotels weren't going to be very budget-friendly, and either was eating out in restaurants every night. Therefore, we adjusted for this accordingly which you'll see throughout the remainder of this post.

So how much does it cost to visit Norway?

Where did we go, and how much did we spend?
In September 2017 we spent two nights in Stavanger, and then two nights in Bergen. In total, based on the two of us travelling, the trip cost a total of approximately £1050, making it £525 per person.


Airfare - £89 per person 
We flew from London Gatwick to Stavanger, and then from Bergen back to London Gatwick with Norwegian Air.

Other - £52 per person
This covered the bus from Stavanger airport into the city centre (around £10 per person), and a bus from Bergen city centre to the airport. It also includes the ferry journey from Stavanger to Bergen.

Accommodation: £100 per person for 4 nights
You might think reading that figure: "£25 per person, per night? That's not expensive at all!"
Well, it is considering we stayed in the cheapest AirBnBs we could find. We originally wanted to find AirBnBs where we could rent our own apartment, but that was impossible without spending more money than we wanted too. So we opted for private room only, with shared bathrooms and kitchens. The places we stayed in were fine, but probably not to everyone's taste.

Food - £95 per person
This is an area where we tried to budget the most. We ate out for dinner twice. Once for burgers, and once for pizza - so nothing fancy. These two meals came to around £85 in total, which in my opinion is fairly expensive for average dining out. For the remainder of our meals we went to local supermarkets, prepped sandwiches for lunches each day and cooked dinner at our AirBnBs.

Activities: £190 per person
One thing that we didn't want to scrimp on during our trip was activities! I never want to come home from a trip thinking 'Oh I wish I'd done that' and have regrets. We hiked to the top of Pulpit Rock near Stavanger, and went on the infamous 'Norway in a Nustshell' tour from Bergen (£135 per person). We also visited the aquarium in Bergen when it was raining, and took the funicular to the top of Mount Floyen.

After doing a lot of research before visiting Norway, we were prepared for things to be expensive. Now looking back on our trip, even though the prices are high, I would highly recommend a trip to Norway to anyone and wouldn't let the prices put you off.

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