6 Instagram-Worthy Spots In Canterbury, England


Canterbury is without a doubt one of the most charming cities in England. With its gorgeous cobbled streets and old architecture, it's impossible not to fall in love with the historic town. You won't be able to stop yourself taking tens of photographs, so here are 6 Instagram-worthy spots to find in Canterbury, England:

1. The cathedral
By starting with the obvious, Canterbury cathedral is a must-do when you visit the city. Although as of September 2016 a five-year restoration plan has begun, which means a portion of the church is currently under scaffolding.

2. Mercery Lane and the cathedral gate 
Another well-photographed landmark in Canterbury is the main cathedral gate. Walk through Mercery Lane leading up to the gate for the best spot to take a photograph. However, be warned as it gets crowded!

3. King's Bridge
For a great view of the River Stour, head to the King's Bridge near the bottom of the high street. When the weather is nice you'll even see visitors on historic river boat tours. 

4. Westgate Towers
At the bottom of the high street it's hard not to miss Westgate towers - a historic city gate that's now a combination of a museum, and a high-end cocktail bar. 

5. Westgate Gardens
Next to westgate towers you'll find the beautiful gardens to wander through. Westgate Gardens are one of the more quiet parts of the city if you're looking for an area slightly less busy. 

6. The river near Marlow Theatre - Another quiet part of the city that's less touristy!

Have you visited Canterbury before? If so, where were your favourite spots?

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