Tips For Visiting Norway On A Budget


Just like other Scandinavian countries, Norway can be incredibly expensive to visit. Hotels are costly, restaurants are far from cheap, and organised excursions can really put a dent in your budget. So it's no surprise that the high prices will put off even the most eager travellers from visiting. 

However, with a few tips and tricks it's still possible to stick to a budget whilst visiting Norway. Sure, that budget will still need to be higher than many other European countries, but here are a few simple ways to make your cash stretch a little further:

1. Avoid alcohol
Easy peasy! Alcohol in Norway is super expensive. We saw restaurants charging £15 for a cider in Bergen which would typically cost around £3 in the UK. Even by just having a couple of drinks at a bar could make a huge dent in your budget.

2. Drink water
Sticking to the theme of drinks, the best way to save money is by re-filling your bottle with tap water, rather than buying drinks on the go. Even in a supermarket a 500ml bottle of Coca Cola could set you back £3. Buying numerous fizzy drinks can really add up, so save money and stick to water where possible.

3.  Stay in AirBnBs
Accommodation is usually one of the biggest expenses in any trip, and so one way to save money is by avoiding hotels and using cheaper hostels or self-catering apartments/AirBnB instead. Staying in a room that has access to a communal kitchen also means that you don't always have to eat out.

4. Cook your own food
As briefly mentioned in the previous point, having access to a kitchen is an amazing way to save yourself a lot of money. Instead of forking out for an over-priced hotel breakfast you can buy milk and cereal to have in the mornings. You can make yourself a packed lunch for each day, and find a local supermarket to buy ingredients for dinners. I can't tell you how much money we must have saved on our trip to Norway by avoiding restaurants.

5. Take snacks with you
If you've got any space in your luggage - take snacks with you from home. We knew that food was going to be expensive in Norway so we packed nuts and cereal bars in our suitcases for the trip. 

All of the little money saving tips really add up and make a difference!

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