How To Spend A Weekend In Luxembourg


Luxembourg is a place that not many people consider to visit as neighboring countries such as Belgium and France usually take priority for travellers. However, Luxembourg is an incredible country to visit with so many things to see and do! The capital Luxembourg City may be small but it's full to the brim of beautiful cobbled streets, museums and history.

I visited in February 2017 in the winter and although I had an amazing time, I would recommend visiting in the summer months instead. This is because more of the main tourist attractions are open in the summer, and the weather will most certainly be a lot warmer and sunnier. 

Luxembourg is a great place for a weekend break. You can spend one day (or a day and a half) exploring the capital, and then the remainder of the weekend taking a trip to visit Vianden castle. 

Purchase the Luxembourg Card
If there's one thing that I would recommend for spending a weekend in Luxembourg, it's to buy the Luxembourg Card. At only €20 per person for two days - it's a complete bargain! This card gives visitors free entry into almost all of the main attractions over the entire country; including Bock Casemates, all of the museums, and Vianden castle. And if that's not good enough, it even covers the use of all public transport in Luxembourg.

Day 1 - Luxembourg City
Start the day off by visiting the Chemin de la Corniche, a viewpoint that's considered to be the most beautiful balcony in Europe. From here you can then go and explore Bock Casemates, a defence system of underground tunnels, and if you're interested in art then definitely check out the contemporary art museum MUDAM Luxembourg. 

By this point you'll probably be feeling a little peckish, so wander down to Nathalie Bonn's Chocolate House and treat yourself to some cake and delicious hot chocolate for lunch. Opposite the chocolate house you'll then find the Grand Ducal Palace, and further down the same street you'll also find the Luxembourg City History Museum which is definitely worth an afternoon visit.

Day 2 - Visit Vianden Castle 
As visiting Vianden castle won't take the whole day, spend the first hour or two of the day visiting any attractions that you missed the day before. For example, the City Hall and the main public square. When you're happy that you've explored the city enough, it's time to head to the small town of Vianden.

Travelling from Luxembourg City to Vianden takes roughly 1 hour and 15 minutes. You need to get the train to Ettelbrück, and then the 570 bus from Ettelbrück to Vianden. When you've reached Vianden, you can't miss the castle on the hill overlooking the town. From the bus stop it then takes 10 minutes to walk to the castle entrance, or if you're visiting in the summer months then take the Vianden chairlift. The chairlift apparently gives the best views of the town and the castle (I visited at the wrong time of the year). From the end of the chairlift it's then another short walk down to the castle.

You only need 1-2 hours to explore the castle (definitely get an audio guide) and the town itself is incredibly small. When you've finished visiting the castle, begin making your way back to Luxembourg City! By this point it's probably the evening (it was for me anyway!) and time to head back to the airport.

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