Everything You Need To Know About Visiting Vianden Castle in Luxembourg


Vianden Castle in the north of Luxembourg may be one of Europe's most underrated castles. Perched up on the hillside overlooking the small town of Vianden, this castle really is a place worth visiting. If you're spending a weekend in Luxembourg, then you can't go far wrong from spending one day exploring the capital, and the second day exploring Vianden. 

Getting there from Luxembourg city
To get to Vianden via public transport you'll need to firstly get the train from Luxembourg City to Ettelbrück (25 minutes). From Ettelbrück you can then take the 570 bus to Vianden (another 25 minutes). Don't worry about swapping over trains and buses as the Ettelbrück train station is incredibly small, and the bus stop is right outside the station on the opposite side of the road. The whole journey should take roughly 1 hour 15 minutes, and that includes the walk from the bus stop in Vianden to the castle gates.

The Luxembourg Card is an essential during your visit as not only does it give you free access into almost all of the main attractions in the city, but it also includes using public transport over the whole country. That means you can travel on the trains and the buses to Vianden at no extra cost!

Visiting the castle
Entrance into the castle is free if you have the Luxembourg Card, otherwise an adult ticket costs around €6. Although most visitors use the Luxembourg Card as it's such good value for money.

Not included in the entrance price is the use of an audio guide which I would definitely recommend as it only costs a few euros. We used one audio guide between the two of us as we were told the volume went up loud enough, and we had no issues whatsoever. The audio guide is really useful as there aren't many signs around the castle.

The best spots to photograph the castle
As soon as you get off the bus in Vianden you'll see the castle towering above the small town. Even though I visited on a grey, rainy February weekend, here are three of the best spots I found to take photographs of the castle:

  • On the bridge by the bus stop: Here you can get amazing photographs of the castle up on the hill in the distance with the river in the foreground.
  • Walking from the bus stop up to the castle: As you walk up to the entrance into the grounds you'll be met with great views of the castle.
  • Going up the Vianden chairlift: For the best views of the castle, go up on the chairlift to see the castle from above, and then walk down to the entrance. However, the chairlift isn't open all year round, but don't be disheartened if it isn't open during your visit. You can still walk up the narrow path to the top of the hill where the chairlift finishes, and then walk back down again. Just be careful as it can get muddy and slippery in the winter months as it's not a proper path. It is manageable though, and so worth it for the views! 


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