5 Foods To Eats In Amsterdam


If there's one thing I love in life besides travelling, it's food. At home I'm a constant grazer, and when I'm visiting somewhere new I definitely don't like to go hungry! When I recently spent a weekend in Amsterdam I did a lot of walking, and as life is all about balance.. a lot of eating too. Burgers, cheese, sweet treats, you name it!

Here are 5 foods you should find in Amsterdam!

1. Chips covered in peanut satay sauce
An unusual combination I know, but trust me it works so, so well! So well in fact that I had these chips on both days during my trip to Amsterdam. If you're after chunky-style chips like in the photograph above, head to Manneken Pis, a fast food place that's super close to the Amsterdam Centraal train station. If you fancy fries instead then check out Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx, another fast food place.

A small portion of chips (which is definitely plenty for one person) cost €2.70 excluding sauces. Sauces then cost €0.70 extra, making it a very budget-friendly snack or lunch. Also, don't worry if the peanut satay sauce doesn't take your fancy as there are plenty of other sauces to choose from.

2. Cheese tasting
Amsterdam is famous for its delicious cheeses. One of the best things we did during our visit was a cheese and wine tasting experience at the Reypenaer Tasting Room. During an hour session you try six different cheeses where you rate them on their smell, taste and colour. You then try different wines alongside each cheese. At first I thought you only got a small slice of each cheese, but you can actually eat as much as you like!

The sessions cost €16.50 each, and you then get 15% off any purchases in store as well.

3. Poffertjes (baby pancakes)
These small, fluffy pancakes are traditionally served with powdered sugar. However, I went all out and ordered mine with strawberries, whipped cream and melted chocolate! You'll find pancake houses all over the city - we had ours for breakfast at a small cafe called Da Antonio which was right next to the floating flower market. 

Expect to pay between €6 - €10 depending on how many toppings you want on your pancakes.

4. Burgers
If you're in the mood for a burger then head to Burgerlijk, a small burger joint near the Jordaan district. It's mostly a takeaway place, but there are also a few tables if you want to eat inside instead. You pick the type of burger that you fancy (beef, chicken or vegetarian) and then add on as many extras that you like. I had a medium-sized beef burger with Old-Amsterdam cheese and a red onion compote - it was delicious!

Prices start from around €6 for a basic beef burger, with cheese and any extras at around €1.29 each.

5. Waffles
Although don't just try any waffle! Get your hands on a warm freshly baked one, coated in pink icing and covered in sprinkles. Perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth - although even I struggled to finish eating one! You can find waffles and other delicious pastries at several bakeries throughout the city. I found the one pictured above at a small bakery on Heisteeg street, a 3 minute walk from the Amsterdam museum.


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  1. Amsterdam is a lovely city and some people solely come over from other cities to get the food there, It was good to see those food recipes again through your blog.