14 Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit Amsterdam


Considering I've now visited over twenty European cities, it surprises even myself that it's taken me this long to visit Amsterdam. Amsterdam needs very little introduction as it's been incredibly popular with tourists for decades now. However, if you need that extra piece of persuasion to book your flights to the Netherlands, here are 14 photos that will definitely make you want to visit Amsterdam! 

1. The beautiful canals...

2. Bridges everywhere you look!

3. The bikes tied up in every available space

4. The Jordaan district

5. This gorgeous church tower in the distance

6. The unique town houses

7. The Amstel canals

8. Beautiful architecture

9. Canal boats and houses

10. As the city is built on water, you'll notice that many of the townhouses are now slightly wonky..

11. The smaller canals are even more charming

12. The chilled out atmosphere

13. The Red Light District during the day

14. The calming affect of being so close to water...

Have you visited Amsterdam before?

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