Where To Find The Iconic Blue Tiles In Porto, Portugal!


If you're planning a trip to Porto soon, you absolutely cannot miss seeing the numerous churches and buildings decorated in traditional tiles. Known as 'azulejo' tiles - these ordinarily blue and white tiles can be found all over Portugal, but are definitely a major sight in the city of Porto. You'll find them on the outsides of cathedrals, restaurants, ordinary houses, and even on the walls of train stations. 

The 'azulejo' tiles are an iconic part of Portuguese architecture, which is why you should definitely add these 5 buildings to your Porto itinerary! 

1. Sao Bento Train Station
One of the most well-known buildings in Porto for the beautiful blue and white tiles is Sao Bento Train Station. Train stations aren't usually on the top of my list for places to see in a new city, but this one is an exception! The intricate tiles make Sao Bento station quite the attraction as they took 11 years to be designed, decorated and put up on the walls.

2. Igrejo do Carmo
You'll find this beautiful little church near Livraria Lello, a famous bookshop that inspired J K Rowling when writing Harry Potter. It has an incredible tiled wall along one side which you should definitely check out if you're in the area.

3. Saint Anthony's Church Congregados
I stumbled across this small church completely by surprise during my trip to Porto... and what a lovely surprise it was! It's actually on the same street as Sao Beno train station, so you can easily tick off two places in one go.

4. Chapel of Souls
Without a doubt the Chapel of Souls is one of the most impressive churches in Europe. It's famous for its walls and bell tower decorated in the blue and white 'azulejo' tiles. If you only visit one church in the whole of Porto, or Portugal for that matter, make it this one.

5. Church of Saint Ildefonso
Another beautiful church that's only a short walk from the Chapel of Souls is the Church of Saint Ildefonso. It's maybe not quite as impressive, but it still makes me question why more churches in Europe can't be decorated in beautiful tiles... 


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  1. Your photography is stunning!! I have never been to Portugal but have always wanted to go!!
    a life of a charlotte

    1. Thank you! It's easy when Portugal is so beautiful! xx

  2. I was doing a search for one of my images from Portugal, trying to remember the name of the blue and white tiled church, and stumbled upon your post. A nice walk down memory lane, visiting Porto. Great photos!