5 Reasons Why You Should Travel With Your Partner


We all know from either first hand, or reading about other people’s experiences, that solo travelling is incredible. It can be invigorating, rewarding, and often life-changing. However, travelling is also one of the most amazing things you can do with your significant other. A trip with your partner can be beautiful, it can be educational, and it can be down-right fun and exciting. It can also be just as equally (if not more) life-changing than solo travel, as it brings you as a couple closer together whilst experiencing the world.

Not long after my other half and I started dating we decided to backpack around SE Asia together for a month. I’m sure many people thought we were crazy and that it wasn’t going to end well, but we came back home from that trip more sure of ourselves and as a couple than ever before. Since then, my partner has taught me to ski in Andorra, we’ve road-tripped around the UK in my tiny 1 litre engine car, and we’ve recently just come back from a trip to Norway.

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Travelling with your partner can help keep your sense of adventure alive rather than getting too comfortable with your day-to-day lives.  It can also help keep your relationship feeling fresh, new and exciting. What’s more is that some travel experiences are just simply best shared. 

1. You'll do things you might not do otherwise
Unless you’re one of the most confident people in the world and are absolutely fine doing anything alone, having your loved one by your side to support you can be a real bonus. They can give you that extra boost of encouragement and confidence, and will help you do things you might not have done solo. I’m not the most confident of swimmers, but last year in Laos my boyfriend gave me that last extra push (not literally I might add!) I needed to go tubing down the river in Vang Vieng. I’m so glad he did as it turned out to be one of my favourite days from the whole trip! 

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2. You see the best and worst in each other
Many people say that if you can travel well together then it’s a sure sign you’ll be able to live together too. Now not that I’m at the point in my life yet (damn long distance relationships), but I can see why that could be true! When you’re travelling 24/7 with someone you’re undoubtedly going to see the worst in them at some point during your trip. Whether that’s crying over being hungry and tired (me), or whining when you’re stuck on an 8 hour bus journey (also me) it really can put your relationship to the test.

Travelling with your partner though often brings out the best in them and allows you to see all sides of that person’s personality. You’ll find out what makes that person tick and what makes them super happy. What activities make them laugh and smile? What foods do they like the most? You get to learn more about each other, much more quickly, than in your regular lives. This is because for most of your trip it’ll probably just be the two of you, and often with limited internet so you can’t be checking Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat to find out what everyone else is up to. 

3. You create memories together
I’m a firm believer that building memories and sharing experiences are worth far more than materialistic things. Travelling with your partner lets you share moments that you’ll always look back on – memories that no-one else was probably there for. You’ll have inside jokes and be able to laugh at those times where you had to get out of tricky situations. Like that time when I booked a bus ticket for six days after our trip would have already ended, and half way through the journey the bus driver threatened to kick us off unless we paid again… We can laugh about it now!

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4. It will strengthen your relationship
No matter whether you’re going on a long-term trip backpacking, or you’re just going on a weekend break away, you and your other half will get some quality time together, which will help strengthen your relationship. You’ll face new challenges and new experiences that won’t happen just by watching re-runs of Game of Thrones together on the sofa. There will always be someone there to lean on, or to push you out of your comfort zone. You’ll be able to learn more about each other. How organised are they? How do they handle emergencies? Travelling is a great way to build trust, especially when you can rely on one another when travel gets a bit scary. 

5. You definitely won't get bored
Probably one of the most important things, you’ll have fun together! Like climbing to the top of waterfalls, kayaking through rivers, or even zip-lining through the jungle. Yes, solo travellers can also do these things, but sometimes it’s also incredible to share these experiences. It gives you stories to talk about in the years to come.

Travelling with your partner means you’re unlikely to ever get bored. You know those 8 hour bus journeys, or waiting for a delayed flight? You’ll definitely find these scenarios less frustrating when you’ve got someone by your side that can make you laugh, and you can keep each other entertained. Killing time on public transport is a lot more fun when you’ve got someone to chat to, play cards with, or even play I Spy with in desperate times.

Who do you like to travel with? Or do you prefer solo travel?

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