The 5 Most Instagram-Worthy Spots In Santorini


Santorini is one of those places that many of us dream of visiting at least once in our lifetime. We've all scrolled through our Instagram feeds and seen beautiful photographs of idyllic white and blue houses and quaint, domed churches. Most likely at the worst possible time when you're feeling the winter blues as it rains like no one's business outside...

Earlier on in the year when I was planning my trip to Greece, I knew that I wanted to visit at least one of the Greek islands. After going back and fourth with a few ideas, we decided to spend two days in Santorini, and it definitely didn't disappoint. The island is gorgeous, really well-kept, and the locals were incredibly friendly and welcoming. It was everything I could have asked for in a first visit to a Greek island.

Everywhere you look there are incredible photo opportunities. So much so that it's hard to know when to stop! However, if you're short on time on the island, perhaps you're only visiting for the day as part of a wider tour, here are some of the best spots to take those beloved Instagram-worthy photographs:

1. The famous blue domed church
There are two popular towns in Santorini that tourists usually stay in: Oia and Fira. The whole island is dotted with blue domed churches, but the most famous church with the three blue domes is in Oia. Pronounced "ee-ah", Oia is a beautiful town with white wash buildings set into the island's cliff face. Wander through the little side streets and you'll be amazed at how the hotels and villas blend together, with teeny tiny swimming pools in every other hotel balcony. 

To find the famous blue domed church, head left off the main pedestrian street (did I mention the main street has a marble floor?!)  by Patisserie Medevio and you'll soon see it. If you're walking through Oia in the middle of the day, you'll quickly find the mass of other tourists wanting to take that famous postcard snap as well. 

2. Basically any white house with a blue door and gate
It might sound silly to say, but almost every building in Santorini is worth taking a photograph off. Whilst walking around you'll struggle to go 60 seconds without wanting to get your camera out. There's just something about the bright white walls and painted blue doors and windows!

I actually visited Santorini off-peak in March this year, and it seemed like almost every establishment had people re-painting the walls a fresh coat of white ready for the summer season. To find the most charming buildings, head down off the main pedestrian path and wander down all of the narrow paths and steps. You might think you're walking into a hotel area, but unless you walk through a gate or see a sign, you're probably okay.  

3. The classic landscape shot with the windmill in the background
To get that famous photograph of the white and pastel coloured buildings built into the island you need to head to the north west tip of the island. The ruin of Oia castle is now used as a viewing platform for visitors and is a popular place for taking photographs. It's particularly popular in the evening when tourists will flock to watch the famous Santorini sunsets, so be sure to get there early for that.

4. The walk between Oia and Fira
One of the best things I did whilst visiting Santorini was walk from Oia to Fira. To do this, you need at least a free morning or afternoon as the walk is roughly 10km and takes around 3 hours. It's a long walk but the views are completely worth it. On a clear day you can see the nearby island Thirasia and the Nea Kameni Volcanic Park island in the distance, and you'll pass by several cute little churches along the way.

5. Skaros Rock
A key sight along the route between Oia and Fira is Skaros Rock. Even if you don't fancy doing the whole walk, it's close enough to Fira (around a 30 minute walk) that you can walk there separately to see it. Skaros Rock protrudes out of the island and today has the ruins of a castle still on top.

My top tips for visiting Santorini:
The best advice I could give for taking fantastic photographs of your trip would be to just wander. Wander down little side streets and just get lost. The best photos will probably be taken when you least expect it. Another top tip if you're visiting Santorini in the peak season would be to explore early in the day to avoid the masses. There's nothing worse than having a hoard of other tourists spoiling your photos.

What other top tips do you have for visiting Santorini?


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