Why You Should Travel With Your Parents As An Adult


It's safe to say that almost all of us will have taken a family trip with our parents as kids at some point. But how many of us continue to do this as adults? As we grow older, and begin our own separate adult lives, we spend less and less time with our parents. Perhaps without even realising it, work, hobbies, significant others, and busy social lives can mean our parents can sometimes get put to the side. However, it's only a fact of life that none of us are going to be around forever so it's important to spend quality time with them.

Since exploring the world is a huge passion of mine, it felt like a good move to start taking trips with my parents. I enjoy travelling the most when I'm doing it with people I love. I frequently travel with my sister, my partner, and my friends. So why hadn't I considered my parents before? Up until the end of last year, I'd never really travelled with my parents as an adult. I either wrongly assumed that they wouldn't be interested in the idea, or that it just wouldn't be fun. How wrong was I?!

Fast forward to now, and it's one of my favourite ways to travel. I've been on several trips now with my Mum and Dad, both together and on separate trips, and I've loved every single one. I've been on a road trip around Northern Ireland with my Dad, I've spent a weekend exploring Luxembourg with my Mum, and we have plans to visit Amsterdam together in the summer. 

Here are five reasons why you should travel with your parents:

1. It's fun
It sounds so obvious, right? Long gone are the days where my hormonal teenage self would think it was uncool to be seen with my parents. I like spending time with them, I enjoy their company and going on a trip together is just plain fun! Even from the beginning stages of planning the trip, it's exciting to be booking an adventure together.

2. It helps bring you closer together
As you spend less time with your parents, it can be easy to not keep in regular contact with them. Travelling can help you reconnect with each other as adults. It's been years since I solely had a 'Child vs. Mum/Dad' relationship with either of my parents, so it doesn't feel any different than travelling with a friend.

3. You can create memories together 
Even just by going on a day trip to one of your favourite places, or something as small as taking a drive to get ice cream, means you're creating memories together that you'll remember for years to come. The stories and photographs from those trips will most certainly mean more to you than any material item ever could.

4. Your parents might surprise you
Don't ever underestimate those people you call Mum or Dad! They might turn out to be more adventurous than you give them credit for. For example, my Mum will never turn down a hike up to a viewing point, and my Dad even planned to go on the fastest zipline in the world with me! (Until it got cancelled due to high winds, which is a story for a different day...)

5. You'll introduce them to new things
One of the best things about travelling is discovering new things. From different cultures, to trying new foods, travelling is a way to immerse yourself in something out of the ordinary. By travelling with your parents, you can both be introduced to things neither of you have heard of before, and who knows what wonderful conversations that could spark.

Have you ever travelled with your parents as an adult before?

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