6 Things To See And Do In Siem Reap Besides Angkor Wat


Siem Reap is best known for being the base town for visiting the temples of Angkor, the eighth man-made wonder of the world. Most visitors only stay for a day, explore the temples, and then move on. However, Siem Reap has plenty of other things to offer those who choose to stay a little longer. 

Siem Reap is a small town in the north-west of Cambodia. As a popular stopping point on the backpacker route through SE Asia, it has a whole host of budget-friendly hostels and hotels to choose from. There are also plenty of amazing cafes and restaurants serving up traditional Khmer cuisine.

Putting Angkor Wat aside, here are six things to see and do in Siem Reap:

1. Pub Street
Unsurprisingly Pub Street is exactly as it sounds - a street full of pubs, bars and restaurants! Spend an evening here having dinner and a few drinks. If cocktails are your thing, tuk-tuks that turn themselves into mini cocktail bars line the streets. You can get local beer from as little as $0.50 and cocktails for $1.50.

2. Smoothies
If you don't like alcohol then check out the smoothie and fruit juice stands. You'll find them on almost every street corner, and they're so refreshing. My favourite was the passion fruit and orange juice.

3. The Night Market
In the centre of town, near to Pub Street, you'll find the night market. Much like most other South East Asian night markets, it's a great place to grab some street food and buy some souvenirs.

4. Join a cooking class
One of the best things we did in Siem Reap was a cooking class. We learnt how to make spring rolls, Cambodian soup and Khmer curry. It was so much fun! We went to The Temple Club on Pub Street for our cooking class. It lasted a couple of hours and I would highly recommend. Go hungry as you'll make so much food!

5. Get a foot massage
After all that walking around the temples of Angkor, go and treat yourself to a foot massage! If you go at certain times of the day, some places offer a 30 minute massage for as little as $1. 

6. Relax by the pool
With no beaches nearby, most hostels and hotels have their own pools. Spend some time cooling off by swimming and relaxing by the pool.


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