Comic Book Street Art in Brussels, Belgium


Brussels is world famous for its street art and comic strip murals painted on the sides of buildings. Last weekend my sister & I visited the city and the murals were definitely one of the highlights of the trip. Although we didn't manage to see all of them (there are over 40!) we managed to see a good chunk of the ones in the city centre in the space of a couple of hours. 

Every single one is worth seeing as they're all so impressive and unique.

The addresses of the murals are listed below in the order that we saw them:

1) Rue de la Buanderie / Rue't Kindt
2) Rue de la Buanderie 15
3) Rue Terre-Neuve 15
4) Rue Philippe de Champagne 33
5) Rue des Alexiens 49
6) Rue des Bogards
7) Rue du Chene 9
8) Rue de I'Etuve 33
9) Rue de Marche au Charbon
10) Rue de Bon Secours 9
11) Rue du Marche au Charbon 17

They all definitely make the cut for a good Instagram shot!

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