The High Line & Chelsea Market, NYC


The High Line is a park in New York City built above the ground on an old disused rail line. It's roughly a mile and a half long and a great place to escape from the craziness that is New York. The park is beautiful and unique. There are so many amazing viewing points to see the buildings and streets below without being in the middle of the busyness.

My sister & I visited the park during a sunny and very hot afternoon, and even though there were plenty of people around, it was still peaceful enough to enjoy the area at our own pace. 

Full of locals and tourists milling around it was fun to people watch as we stopped at a bench for a drink.

When we'd reached the end of the High Line we were starving and ready to hunt down some food. The Chelsea Market is perfectly located near the park so we headed inside.

Chelsea Market is full of individual shops, restaurants and stands selling different foods. If you visit make sure you go there hungry as there are so many delicious things to eat! We decided on Mexican food and I had the most amazing Japanese style burrito. 

I thought I was full after finishing it but then I couldn't resist the cupcake shop. It was so hard to choose but I finally settled on a salted caramel cupcake and a vanilla cinnamon one. I couldn't decide on just one! Don't worry, I promise I didn't eat them both in one go...

What are some of your favourite places to visit in NYC?

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