Statue of Liberty & 9/11 Memorial, NYC


At the beginning of September my sister & I spent six nights in NYC. We'd had our flights and accommodation booked months in advance, and I was so excited I was practically counting down the days until we could hop on a plane to JFK airport. We'd even planned what we wanted to see and do each day so we could get the most out of our time there. After all, it was a trip of a lifetime!

Our first day was spent in lower Manhattan, and due to jet lag we were both wide awake at 6am. We decided to spend the morning seeing the Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island.

As you can see there was barely a cloud in the sky. In fact, we had almost perfect weather for our entire stay.

We got on the ferry at Battery Park that took us over to the Statue of Liberty, although we didn't climb up it as you need to book tickets months and months in advance. Even I wasn't that organised! We then went over to Ellis Island and spent a good three hours in the Immigration Museum.

By this point we were both starving and made our way to the nearest Chipotle. The amount of Mexican food and burgers I ate on this trip was slightly embarrassing...

Stuffed full of tortilla chips and guacamole we decided to walk to the 9/11 memorial & museum instead of getting the subway so that we could see a little more of the city. It only took about fifteen minutes walking down Broadway, and we even passed the Charging Bull and Wall Street along the way.

We visited the 9/11 Museum first before seeing the two memorials so that we could spend as much time as we wanted inside without rushing. And I'm so glad that we did as we spent over three hours inside. This museum deserves at least a whole morning or afternoon, and if I could only recommend one museum to visit it would have to be this one.

Even though I was only seven when 9/11 happened, nothing could have prepared me for how heartbreaking the memorial and the museum would be. Throughout the museum you learn about the tragic stories of each of the four planes that crashed on that day, as well as reading about people's own harrowing experiences. You can see remnants of the World Trade Center, belongings from people that lost their lives, and evening Missing People posters when families and friends were trying to find their loved ones.

When we'd finally finished visiting the museum we went outside to view the two memorials, which are located where the two twin towers used to be. Both of the fountains are beautiful, and a wonderful place to commemorate those who were killed. It was also amazing to see everyone visiting the area being so respectful and quiet. Apart from a few people that thought it was a good idea to take selfies by the pools, everyone else was simply there to pay their respects.

9/11 was such a tragic day for so many people all over the world. Although nothing can make up for what happened, it's amazing and beautiful to see people from many different backgrounds coming together to commemorate a day that will never be forgotten.

Have you ever been to the 9/11 memorial?

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