Empire State Building, NYC


A trip to NYC wouldn't be complete without heading up somewhere high to see the skyscrapers and the outline of Manhattan, and so on our third day we made a trip up the Empire State Building. We soured up in the elevator to the 86th floor and were blown away with the view. Feeling incredibly lucky to have perfect weather with clear blue skies we got very snap happy. In fact I took over 70 photos... oops!

Seeing all of the city and buildings from above was like nothing I've ever seen before. New York City is such a cool and vibrant, it's been hard choosing which photos to put on my blog as I took so many!

Top tip if you're visiting NYC: I highly recommend using the New York CityPASS, especially if it's your first visit and you want to visit all of the top tourist destinations. You save a ton of money and get entry into six attractions, including two same-day visits to the 86th floor of the Empire State Building.

This is exactly what my sister & I did. We first went to the Empire State Building in the morning, and then went back in the evening after dark. The pass allowed us to skip most of the queue which was so useful as the queue in the evening was massive.

I thought that nothing could beat seeing Manhattan from above during the day, but boy was I wrong! Going back up to the top of the building at night was incredible. Seeing all of the streets and buildings lit up - it was an amazing experience. My camera really didn't do the view justice.

Although I should quickly mention the downside of the Empire State Building: it gets very, very busy. There isn't much space on the 86th floor and there are a lot of people wanting to do the exact same thing as you. I did in fact prefer going up the top of the Rockefeller Center - but more than that in another post!

Have you ever been to the Empire State Building?

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