Three Things To Do In Mui Ne, Vietnam


Mui Ne is a beach town, around a four hour drive north of Ho Chi Minh City. Unfortunately it seemed that the town is the victim of a lack of regulations, with resorts being built far too close to the sea. The area seemed a little sad and run down, with tourists outnumbering locals, and proper Vietnamese cuisine being incredibly hard to find. We'd already booked to stay for three nights in Mui Ne, but if I were planning my trip again I would have reduced it to two nights.

With that being said, I'm still glad we visited Mui Ne. There are a few pretty sights in the town which were like nothing else I'd seen in Vietnam. I certainly never expected to come across sand dunes!

Here are three things to do whilst in Mui Ne:

1. Fairy stream

The first place we visited, and definitely my favourite, was Fairy Stream. 

You can slip off your shoes and walk through a shallow stream which is surrounded by beautiful rock formations and even a miniature sand dune. When you reach the end you're met with a small, but pretty, waterfall. It's completely free and surprisingly not a tourist trap!

We paid 5000 VND (15p) to park our bikes and then spent an hour leisurely walking through the river. It was a lovely way to spend an hour, and not at all busy.

2. Red Sand Dunes

The second place that we visited were the red sand dunes. There are also white sand dunes on the outskirts of Mui Ne but we didn't fancy spending the extra taxi money to get there.

The red sand dunes are pretty, and as I previously mentioned I didn't expect to see dunes in Vietnam, but realistically there's very little to do here. In fact, we only spent fifteen minutes looking at them before heading back in the cab. If you're visiting Mui Ne definitely visit them and take a few photos, but that's about it... 

Children try and sell you plastic trays to slide down the dunes on, but politely say no and continue walking! I've heard many rumours that unless you weigh five stone, it just won't work.

Even so, the dunes are still stunning!

3. Pool Time

We spent both afternoons soaking up the sun and spending some time by the pool. Mui Ne is a popular tourist spot and so most (if not all!) hotels and resorts have their own pool. Even the cheaper hostels have them.

It's a good idea to take some time out to relax before the chaos of Ho Chi Minh City!

Of course these aren't the only things to do in Mui Ne. You could rent quad bikes to ride over the white sand dunes, play mini golf, or visit the fishing village. These are just the things I did during my three day visit.

Next stop - Ho Chi Minh City!

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