My Long Haul Flight Essentials


Seeing as I've only been on a few long-haul flights they still make me a little nervous. I'm well rehearsed in quick trips within Europe but 10+ hour flights are a whole different game where I like to be more prepared. As you're reading this I'm currently in the middle of a three week trip traveling around Vietnam so hopefully the journey was okay!

Of course you need to take the true essentials with you - phone, purse, passport, travel documents & any visas needed. However I'd also struggle without my portable charger that can charge my tablet as well as my phone. I plan on loading my tablet full of my favourite TV shows to watch in case the in-flight entertainment doesn't interest me. 

I'm taking two sets of headphones with me - my noise-cancelling ones and my in-ear ones as well. I've also recently bought a headphone splitter that will allow two pairs of headphones to go into one socket. It was only 99p from eBay so hopefully it doesn't break straight away!

For comfort I plan on packing my neck pillow and some fluffy socks, as well as plenty of snacks to keep me going. I'm also taking my Lonely Planet Guide to Vietnam, a book and a notebook as I plan on keeping a little travel journal as I go along.

In a small separate plastic bag I've also packed some tissues, hair bands, lip balm & paracetamol. I don't plan on wearing any makeup on the flight but I may also pack some cleansing wipes and moisturiser if I have space.

What do you pack for a long haul flight?

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  1. I always take a portable charger with me too - I couldn't deal with having no battery on a long journey! I have only been on one long haul flight but these are great tips. I hope you have a fab time in Vietnam. Can't wait to hear all about it : ) xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x