The Best Entrance To The Louvre To Beat The Queues - Photos & Directions Included!


When I first heard about the two hour queues to enter The Louvre I couldn't possibly imagine that there was more than one entrance. If there was, why would everyone queue at the pyramid?

Wrong! There are several entrances! Don't waste precious hours queuing at the Pyramid!

We used the Ponte Des Lions entrance which was about five minutes away from the main entrance. You do begin to feel like you're walking away from the Louvre, but I promise you it is there. 

You can then spend you're time walking around the Louvre rather than waiting outside it, feeling a little smug that you're surrounded by people that queued for two hours when you got in within seconds.

We were so shocked that we got in so quickly and easily that we asked a member of security if it was an entrance to the same museum... he looked at us like we were crazy!

And what's even better? If you're under 25 and live in the EU you can enter for free! What more could you want?

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