My Tech Travel Essentials


Having booked four trips abroad before returning to university in September means I'm becoming quite the planner in making sure I have everything organised. Apart from the obvious technology such as my phone and charger, there are definitely a few things that I couldn't be without when visiting a different country.

Sony Xperia Z Tablet - On long-haul flights you get in-flight entertainment, but on shorter flights you don't usually have that luxury.  I like to download TV shows on my tablet before a flight (or even a long train journey!) so I can watch them later without needing internet access.

TeckNet Power Bank Portable Charger - After doing plenty of research on portable chargers last year I purchased this one which I'm really happy with. Although it is a fair bit bigger than most, I bought the 12,000mAH version which holds so much charge. It can easily recharge my phone four times, or my tablet once or twice.

Canon EOS 1100D Digital SLR Camera - Although it's probably one of the cheapest digital SLRs on the market, I still think it's a great camera. I'd never go abroad without it. However, I only have the kit lens which isn't the greatest for detailed landscape shots. 

Kingston 64GB Micro SD Card with Adapter - Continuing on with the camera theme, last week I purchased this 64GB SD card. I've bought the micro version with a SD adapter so that I can use it in my camera and my tablet if I want to upload any photos without using my laptop.

7dayshop Active Noise Cancelling Headphones - Last year I flew to San Francisco with just ordinary earphones and hated it. I couldn't watch movies or TV shows as all I could hear was the airplane engine. So I caved and bought this pair of noise cancelling headphones, unable to justify the cost of a Bose pair. Next weekend I'll be testing them out during a flight for the first time, so fingers crossed!

What are your travel essentials?

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