Madrid: The Royal Palace & Paella


Last weekend I spent a few days in Madrid with some friends. After we'd checked in at our hotel, dropped off our stuff & freshened up, we headed off to see the Royal Palace. I expected it to be the same size as Buckingham Palace but boy was I wrong! It was massive, and apparently there are over 3000 rooms.

We paid five euros to go inside and wander around some of the rooms (not all 3000 of them!). Each and every one that we saw was stunning.

After we finished looking around the palace we wandered around the streets, admiring all of the beautiful buildings and cute side alleys. 

We walked through the Plaza Mayor, one of the main squares in the city, and took a much needed ice cream break. I ended up being naughty and had a crepe filled with nutella, ice cream and cookies!

Later on we headed out again for an evening full of chatting, paella & sangria. We opted for the chicken & seafood paella which was delicious.

After dinner we visited a couple of bars and discovered how amazingly cheap alcohol is in Spain. €2.50 for a glass of white wine! 

In fact, 'white wine' was practically the only phrase I learnt to say in Spanish over the entire weekend. Oops...

Have you ever been to Madrid before? If so, what did you think of the city?

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