A Weekend In Berlin for Under £200


Before this year I thought that weekends away were expensive and impossible to do on a budget. But over the months I've been planning a few mini trips and have realised how easy they are to do without breaking the bank. A couple of months ago my sister & I spent the weekend in Berlin so I thought it might be useful to give a breakdown of costs for any of you that are planning a trip!

Flights - £52 return
We booked our flights about three months in advance with Easyjet. My top tips are to look at the prices of flying out on different dates (i.e. flying Fri - Sun vs. Sat - Mon) and look out for sales. Also, only taking hand luggage and not choosing your seats are another way to save some cash.

Hotel - £67 each for two nights -
My sister & I stayed in the NH Berlin Mitte hotel and were pleasantly surprised given the price. It was modern, clean, and in a great location - right by Checkpoint Charlie. Also, it was easy to get to from the airport as there's a metro station right outside.

Besides from the main costs of flights & the hotel, metro rides were around 3 Euro, and food was reasonably priced. We went to the nearby Lidl where we picked up some breakfast foods which certainly saved us some money too!

As for what to do during the day, most of the attractions are free. The East Side Gallery, Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag building can all be seen for absolutely nothing.

Have you ever been to Berlin?

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  1. Berlin sounds great! I have never been but would love to go for a weekend trip one day <3 It is so nice to hear that most of the main attractions are free :) I find that I spend so much money on sightseeing and museum passes on trips! xx

    Jacqueline | Sail Away to Neverland ♡