A Weekend In Berlin


A couple of weekends ago I went on another city break with my sister, this time to Berlin. I'm trying to do as much travelling this year as I can! Berlin is a great city, it's full of history and there's so much to see and do. I never did history at school, so I learnt a lot about the history of Berlin and the wall.

When we arrived early on the Saturday, we dropped our bags off at our hotel and headed straight to see Checkpoint Charlie. This was originally one of the main crossings between East and West Berlin, and today it's a huge tourist attraction. The building that's there today is actually a copy, and there are also actors dressed as the military! I'm not sure if I agree with the actors as it seems somewhat insensitive, but I'm glad to have seen such an iconic landmark. 

Throughout the weekend we did so much walking! We visited the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, the Brandenburg Gate & the Reichstag building, which is the main government building. You can actually go up into the dome for free, but we didn't realise you have to book a visit months in advance online. Instead we went up into the TV tower and got an amazing view of Berlin (blog post coming soon!).

Although Berlin didn't have the quaint charm of Rome, it's a very cool city and well worth a visit. One of the best parts of the weekend was walking all the way along the East Side Gallery, the longest stretch of the Berlin Wall still standing.

Have you been to Berlin before?

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  1. Amazing post. I have been to Berlin before & reading your blog made me traversed through Berlin again. Thanks to team Germany Visa for making my trip possible. It was a memorable one!