When In Rome: Castel Sant'Angelo


On the Saturday that my sister & I were in Rome, the weather was fantastic. Beautiful, blue skies, and not too cold. We knew we wanted to see the Castel Sant'Angelo, but we had no idea that you could actually wander around inside. We walked across the bridge, and discovered that for only €3.50 you could explore the castle, and there wasn't even a queue! 

So off we went, climbing up the steps to the first level of the castle. It was so fun wandering around the castle, but the view was the main attraction. You got an amazing view of St. Peter's Basilica and the rest of the city. We couldn't believe that it was so cheap to enter because the views were so incredible.

We thought that the view on the first floor couldn't get any better, but boy were we wrong! After climbing some more very steep steps, we reached the final level of the castle, and the view got ten times better. It was simply beautiful. It was almost unbelievable that we didn't have to wait or queue to go up there.

Hands down the highlight of the trip!

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  1. Looks lovely - I've made a note of this place in case I manage to get to Rome at some point! x

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