When In Rome: Colosseum & St. Peter's Basilica


Last weekend my sister & I went to Rome. We didn't plan too much in advance of our trip, but I did book us tickets to go inside the Colosseum. Little did I know that I'd actually bought us tickets that allowed us to skip the line, and got us a English guided tour! We were chuffed! We both found the tour really interesting, and the Colosseum itself is so impressive.

We also went to The Vatican City to see St. Peter's Basilica. It's a beautiful, magnificent building, but unfortunately we didn't get to go inside as the queue was at least two hours long. Top tip though if you visit Rome: you get an amazing view of St. Peter's Basilica if you go up to the top Castel Sant' Angelo.

All of the buildings and churches in Rome are so beautiful, I can safely say that I'm officially in love with this city. 

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