Miss Mabel's Vintage Tea Room


I'd wanted to visit this cute little tea room for such a long time. Miss Mabel's Vintage Tea Room is only about a ten minute drive from my house, and it's so lovely. My mum, sister & I decided to give it a visit last weekend, and we had the most delicious cake ever! 

We each had a slice of victoria sponge cake which was amazing. All through the middle were strawberries rather than jam, and they gave us all such large slices. Then me and my sister had hot chocolates with cream & marshmallows, whilst my mum had a pot of tea.

The hot chocolate was so lovely, although I almost wish I'd chosen tea instead as the hot chocolate and cake together was almost a little too sickly!

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  1. Such a quaint little tea room! The hot chocolate and cake looks scrummy!

    Ioanna | www.hearting.co.uk

  2. It looks so lovely there, that looks like the best hot chocolate!x

  3. What a beautiful looking place, and amazing photos! x