Ephesus Ancient City, Turkey


One morning during my stay in Turkey we woke up bright and early, boarded a coach and went to see Ephesus, an ancient Greek city. The huge theater that I photographed above can supposedly hold 24,000 people, and was once used for an Elton John concert. The photos really don't show how incredible it was.

We were lucky that the morning we went was cloudy. If we'd have gone with the sun shining and no clouds in the sky it would have far too hot for the amount of walking we did. Around every corner there was so much to take in, I've never seen anything like it. It's completely different to seeing it in photographs and online. It just doesn't compare to seeing the scale and size of things in real life. And the tour guide we had was great fun, although she said 'Ladies & Gentlemen' far too often!

Have you ever been to Ephesus before?

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  1. It looks so amazing there! The fourth picture is so pretty too, it's weird how it has stayed so detailed but is also crumbling way. Well, not weird but just really cool, ah man I want to go there!x

    1. Yeah I completely see where you're coming from. It really was beautiful x