Richmond Ephesus Resort, Turkey


Recently I hopped on a plane and went to Turkey for a week at an all-inclusive resort. We stayed at the Richmond Ephesus Hotel in Kusadasi and had a great time. The hotel we stayed in was brilliant. The staff were always happy and cheery, and everything was so beautiful. The grounds around the hotel were incredible, with plenty of giant cushions, bean bags and hammocks to relax in. The resort was also right next to the beach, and all of the views were amazing.

Here's a little fact for you - up until this holiday I couldn't swim! But at the age of twenty I've finally learnt. 

Almost every afternoon we'd walk to this little hut where a woman would be making 'gözleme', which is a traditional Turkish recipe. It's thin flatbread filled with either meat, cheese or sugar, that's then cooked, and it's so delicious! I tried all three throughout the week, and there were all amazing. You could eat them inside the hut, where there were tables and huge cushions to sit on. It was heavenly.

Wednesday night was the Turkish themed night which was great fun. There were giant melons on display that had been carved into swans, flowers, and other intricate designs. They were amazing! The food was incredible, especially the pudding. The photo above is thick ice cream, covered in marshmallow and meringue, that was lit on fire and carried around the whole restaurant. It was blown out before serving, and was so tasty. 

On a different night we went up to the rooftop of the hotel and had another Turkish dinner. We ate our way through 5 courses, and had the most amazing view.

All in all, I had the best week and can't wait to share more photos with you.

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