Number 12 Tearoom, Canterbury


A couple of weeks ago Chloe (from Nine Grand Student) and I took advance of a groupon voucher, and went out for lunch at the Number 12 Tearoom in Canterbury. It's a lovely little restaurant/tearoom that has such a homely feel, and we were seated at a table with an amazing view of the cathedral. 

Our waitress was brilliant. She explained to us that everything was either made fresh at the tearoom or made locally in Kent. She even offered to take a photo of me and Chloe together which was so sweet.

We had the 'High Tea for Two' that usually costs £30, but with our voucher it only cost us £12! We had a selection of sandwiches, scones, and cakes, and had a pot of tea to share. I ate so much that I didn't even cook dinner that evening. I was so full! Everything was delicious, especially the ham and mustard sandwiches and the scones. Ah the scones - I covered mine with clotted cream and jam, and they were heavenly.

I had such a lovely afternoon and we left feeling very happy. When we got home though we found out our university exam timetables had been released, and our exams are now less than two months away! 

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