London & Matilda The Musical


For my birthday I was lucky enough to be given tickets to see Matilda the Musical. We headed off into London before the show started, and first went to see Buckingham Palace. Although I don't live too far away from London, it's just something I've never done before!

After seeing Buckingham Palace we then walked to Harrods, and spent over an hour and a half in there. It was amazing. Definitely a world away from my current student lifestyle! We then stopped for a quick drink in a nearby cafe and then hopped on the tube to Covent Garden. We wandered around the shops for a little, and then headed to GBK for some well deserved dinner. They do some amazing burgers there!

We then headed off to the Cambridge Theatre to finally see Matilda. The set was amazing, the actors were incredible and everything flowed so well. I loved every second of it. I would definitely recommend seeing it. I couldn't believe how talented all of the children were.

I've never seen a musical before, and I thought it was amazing. It was also kept pretty close to the book and film. They added in a few extra bits, but what they did add in was brilliant. I want to go and see more musicals now!

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  1. London looks so beautiful. I really want to go there soon.

    Ray | Obey Ray

    1. I hope you have a great time when you do xx

  2. Matilda looks amazing, i wish it would come to Canada! I loved the book when i was kid, btw the photo you took in the theatre is amazing!