Christmas in Ireland, 2013


For Christmas this year my family and I spent a week in Ireland. As my dad is originally from Ireland we spent some quality time visiting his side of the family.

We stayed in a little cute cottage for the week, which was cozy when the fire was going, but very cold for the rest of the time. I actually bought more fluffy socks when we were there as I got so cold during the night!

During the few days before Christmas, we did a little bit of shopping, and visited a lovely cafe for lunch. I had the best sandwich with chicken, onion rings, and garlic mayo, and a delicious hot chocolate. There were so many yummy-looking cakes as well, so my sister and I shared a huge slice of banoffee pie. Yum!

Excuse the no-make up face, but I thought I'd include one photo from Christmas day. This one was when my sister opened all of the presents I bought her. I spent Christmas day and Boxing day visiting various relatives, eating plenty of food, and opening pressies. It was lovely.

On the final day we visited the Guinness Factory in Dublin which was actually surprisingly fun. We walked around and saw how it was made, tasted some, and saw all of the old advertisements. We also had lunch there, where I tried a Guinness Chocolate Mousse. It was so good.

All in all, I had a really lovely week.

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  1. Looks so pretty :) x

  2. Surprisingly I've never been to Ireland even though my dads from there! Looks so lovely :)


  3. gorgeous pictures! My family and I are recent immigrants from Ireland (I was born in the US though, so I guess I'm not an immigrant)! I haven't been to Ireland since I was a baby and I really want to go for another visit! These pictures were just so lovely and have gotten me excited for our planned trip in the next year or so :)

  4. It looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time! The cottage looks so cosy!

  5. the little cottage looks so cute i love the colour of the door and the food looks so good